High performance and optimal health through genetic testing with Lance Bennett 055

January 12, 2019

Lance is a West Point graduate and decorated US Army Intelligence officer where he was stationed both in the United States and Southeast Asia. He has been in the genetics and biotech industry since leaving the military and joining his first medical device company, KLS Martin. He has spent 22 years in sales, management and executive leadership positions in the biotech industry, most notably at Amgen, the world’s largest biotech company. He led multiple product launches for oncology and nephrology medications and was awarded the company’s top honor of Chairman’s Circle four years running as a sales executive and sales director.

Since leaving Amgen, Lance started several successful medical companies, including co-founding Advanced Genomic Solutions in 2012. At AGS, Lance led sales and marketing teams for pharmacogenomic and toxicology diagnostic testing divisions beginning in 2012. He also successfully launched a multi-year Medicare-sponsored study enrolling thousands of patients beginning in 2014. He is also now responsible for the implementation of new laboratory expansion operations globally and global distribution of new products and continuing education. Lance resides in Arizona.

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NWI taskforce to help wellness professionals launch successfully 054

January 2, 2019

The National Wellness Institute has launched its Emerging Wellness Professionals task force to help springboard new wellness professionals into successful careers. Find out the what, the how, and the why in this ten-minute interview with Task force member Samantha Diedrich, CWP.


Improve your outlook on aging and body image with Nicole Christina 053

December 28, 2018

Nicole Christina, LCSW, is an experienced psychotherapist practicing in Syracuse, NY, who specializes in food and body issues, mindfulness, and positive aging. She’s also a professional blogger and podcaster, with a focus on healthy aging and longevity. #resilience #thriving #longevity #positiveaging #aging #bodyimage #nwi


Discover what really matters and move your mountains with Bryan Falchuk 052

December 13, 2018

Bryan Falchuk overcame adversity, lost nearly 100 pounds, ran a marathon, dramatically change his diet and created an approach to help others live a better life, every day. That way is Do a Day.

This interview is a continuation of the conversation from episode 40, in which Bryan challenges each of us to use his method to take on any challenge, succeed, and change our lives.


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December 10, 2018

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051 Aligning Communication And Values For Thriving with Mari Ryan

November 26, 2018

CEO and founder of AdvancingWellness discusses her new book, The Thriving Hive: How People-Centric Organizations Ignite Engagement and Fuel Results. The story shows why organizations should put their people first and why the well-being of the workforce is the most valuable asset of any business that wants to be successful for the long-term.


050 Master Your Mind For High Performance In The Trenches With Dr Steve Taubman

November 16, 2018

Peak Performance Sales And Leadership Speaker, Mindfulness Coach, Author, Mental Toughness Trainer Dr. Steve Taubman on his new book, "Buddha in the Trenches: The Timeless System for Developing Unshakable Performance Under Pressure".


049 Healing Racial Trauma With Resmaa Menakem

October 26, 2018

Healing racial trauma: NWI's second interview with Resmaa Menakem about his Cultural Somatics work and his book, My Grandmother's Hands, Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies.

Resmaa Menakem MSW, LICSW, S.E.P. has appeared on both The Oprah Winfrey Show and Dr. Phil as an expert on conflict and violence. He has served as director of counseling services for the Tubman Family Alliance; as behavioral health director for African American Family Services in Minneapolis; and as a Cultural Somatics consultant for the Minneapolis Police Department. As a Community Care Counselor, he managed the wellness and counseling services for civilians on fifty-three US military bases in Afghanistan.

Resmaa currently teaches workshops on Cultural Somatics for audiences of African Americans, European Americans, and police officers. He is also a therapist in private practice in Minneapolis.


048 Clinic And Community Come Together To Fight Chronic Disease

October 18, 2018

As the Executive Vice President and Chief Health Officer for Community Health Partners (CHP, and d.b.a. Core Health Partners in the Southwest Florida region), Trina Radske-Suchan works to build broader approaches to chronic disease management through partnerships with health care systems, government agencies, non-profits, and corporate partners as well as build collaborations to enhance support for the clinic to community health model. Today, CHP builds environments where clinic and community come together to fight chronic disease by executing community-based strategies that proactively link and support clinical services. As part of community-based integrated teams, CHP leads the design and development of integrated clinical and community screening and referral pathways, develops network hubs that centralize processes and enhance communications, and adapts the environment to promote healthy behaviors and improved health outcomes for individuals and populations of all ages, including those with complex health and functional needs.


047 Conquer Self - Sabotage For Lasting Change With Dr. Debi Silber

October 12, 2018

Dr. Debi Silber of the PBT Institute discusses unpacking past emotional baggage, self-awareness, and conquering self-sabatoge for lasting change.